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One Central Park planters
Watpac/Frasers Property

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Berry Design was proudly responsible for the product design & development of over 40 different sized & shaped planter boxes, all interconnected to form a giant living hydroponics system. All planters are hydroponically fed.

Together with Palamont Rotor, Berry Design successfully completed all planter design, tooling design and placement of each planter on the architectural GA drawings for every level.

With Tower One at 16 levels, and Tower Two at 33 levels, a total of 1440 cantilevered planters & 840 pop up planters were installed. The length of planter runs on the building exceeds 5km, laid end to end.

All planters were rotationally moulded & then clad with aluminium composite cladding. The rotationally moulded inner holds the function & intelligence of the planter system, while the cladding provides the clean lines & aesthetics the architects desired.